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General information about Anazole in the US

Aromatase inhibitors - the irreplaceable assistant to any athlete, was using sports pharmacology. No matter how "light" was not the course, unforeseen circumstances could always happen.

The fact flavoring - the process of conversion of the male hormone testosterone (or its synthetic analogues) in the female hormone estradiol. It was his elevated level is the most common cause of adverse effects on the course of steroids. To aromatization process was not as active aromatase inhibitors and applied. The most common of them - anastrozole. Properly selected its dosage will keep the level of estradiol in the range of reference values ​​and avoid many unpleasant "pobochek", such as water retention, breast enlargement, increased blood pressure, and others.

The effects of taking the drug in the United States

  • Suppression flavoring process (the conversion of testosterone to estradiol)
  • Increased endogenous levels of testosterone in the absence of exogenous hormones in the body.
  • Reducing the amount of water under the skin by decreasing estradiol levels.

Dosage and administration of the preparation in the USA

Take Anazole necessary on the course aromatizing steroids (such as testosterone, methandrostenolone, and others) to suppress the flavoring process. However, before taking this medication, you must make sure that really elevated estradiol, and most importantly, you need to clearly understand how it is raised.

Anazola course lasts only as long as is the course. Once you know the level of estradiol in the blood start receiving anastrozole at a dose of 1 mg every other day, 10 days later hand over the analysis repeatedly, and on the basis of the result, to increase or decrease the dosage. Remember that the more your body fat, the more the process of flavoring, so the best prevention of this problem will be getting rid of the excess fat before a course of steroids.

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