Nutrition can, undoubtedly, be attributed to the main factor of successful bodybuilding. To significantly increase muscle growth, you need to eat right. As well-known bodybuilders in the US say, if your diet is less than 3200-3700 kcal, the likelihood that the muscles will grow very small.

There is even a saying that the bodybuilder diet is 90% of the success. But if you just make the food more caloric, it will not make your muscles grow, as it must be combined with physical activity.

How to eat right, doing bodybuilding to achieve the desired result?

Not many bodybuilders are bothering about calculating the energy value of their diet. The food should be as accurate as possible according to how intense your load is. For a bodybuilder, eating just a lot and well is not enough and stupid. The importance of nutrition in bodybuilding is much more difficult. Eating everything, horrible and horrible, usually negates the titanic work in the hall. It is necessary to clearly know what is and when there is. Even if you eat very abundantly, as it is not strange, the probability of a lack of useful substances is great.

This is due to the fact that already processed foods come into our body, for example, after canning, freezing, etc. Nutrients are destroyed. We eat normal food, and the muscles lack nutrients and they do not grow. In this situation, nutritional supplements can help. But there is also a danger that concerns the assimilation of food. Physiologists have found out that the optimal diet was subject to strictly established rules and if to neglect these rules, it can cause a muscle failure from recovery.

To eat correctly is simple, but often, the simplest way out is the hardest.

While doing bodybuilding in the United States, it is very easy to follow the rules of nutrition, but such compliance forces a person to obey the strict limits of the regime, and this requires a strength of character that everyone does not have much.

- To eat only one meat - it is meaningless, because the body can only digest proteins with carbohydrates. It is necessary to eat meat with a side dish (raisins, pasta, potatoes), in addition, the garnish should be two or even three times more than meat.

- You can see in the reference books that chicken meat holds the first place in terms of utility, however, one does not need to eat from day to day only chicken, in its meat there are not all the necessary amino acids. It is recommended that you change your meat diet every day. Canned food, sausages, sausages and similar products should not cause confidence, since they contain few proteins, but fats are much more than necessary.

- Nutritionists have found that the morning metabolic rate is higher, and during the second half of the day, it decreases. Therefore, 70% of the diet should be consumed in the afternoon, in addition, half of this, until thirteen hours of the day, and the last meal should be done no later than 19 hours.

- It must not be forgotten that the longer the products are amenable to heat treatment, the more useful substances they lose. It is recommended not to eat meat with a burnt crust, which is also impregnated with burnt fat. The best option is to use a microwave oven. Products should be chosen very seriously, because we only need fresh products.

- In the stomach the food must go thoroughly crushed, this has a strong influence on its assimilation. Dentists say that eating with spoiled teeth worsens digestion by 20-30%. Seriously take the health of your teeth.

- Do not make any restrictions in drinking, but you need to know what to drink and know how to drink. Due to lack of water in the body, blood can become thicker and with difficulty, passing through the thin capillaries, get into the muscles. But at the same time, in no case need to drink down food, because the gastric juice is diluted with water, because of this digestion is deteriorating. Only use clean water. Such drinks as tea and coffee will wash away valuable mineral salts from your body. Using carbonated drinks, you need to remember that they contain soda, which neutralizes gastric juice, in addition to carbonated drinks, a lot of sugar.

It is recommended to consume a lot of vegetable salads, because they are rich in a number of useful substances that are not lost during their preparation, besides vegetable salads have a beneficial effect on the robot intestine. It is not necessary to concentrate only on exotic vegetables, a salad of cucumbers, cabbage and carrots will be just as useful.

- Each meal should be a meal, that is, it should be eaten with pleasure. Do not eat on the go and better eat alone, without being distracted by anything.

- It is recommended to eat more often. It is established, with frequent nutrition contributes to the production of hormones. But under frequent meals should not be understood eating sandwiches, it is absolutely not the same thing. To eat sandwiches instead of usual food is not worth it. Eating sandwiches, the body is not saturated with useful substances, but only suppresses the feeling of hunger. In addition, sandwiches often contain too much fat, cholesterol, salt.

Above are only the most general rules for bodybuilders, but they need to make adjustments for each person individually, because we are all born different, having their own genetic characteristics. Even the best champions of bodybuilding in nutrition are united only by an individual approach.

The main thing to remember is that the nutrition of the bodybuilder is a calorie-calculated and balanced, harmonious diet, which should be followed not for a couple of days, not for several months, but for many years, and at the same time correctly trained, properly rest, then the result in the form of muscle growth is not Will force itself to wait.

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